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BGB detained 7 indigenous jumma peoples in Rangamati

symbolic image; photo: internet Rangamati Representative:  Border Guard Of Bangladesh (BGB) Detained 7 indigenous Jumma peoples in Rangamati...

symbolic image; photo: internet

Rangamati Representative: Border Guard Of Bangladesh (BGB) Detained 7 indigenous Jumma peoples in Rangamati. The incident took place on April 22, 2021 at around 11:30 am.


According to local sources, a group of 30/40 BGB members led by 28 BGB Marisha Zone Commander Lt. Col. Anwar Hossain Bhuiyan went to Baghaichhari area under Baghaichhari Union around 11:30 am yesterday . At that time,  the BGB members first conducted a massive search of 14 local Jumma shops in Baghaichhari area.Then  the army arrested the Jumma villagers and ordered them to close the searched Jumma shops. However, the BGB members released the two Jummas on their way back from the six detainers. While returning from Baghaichhari, BGB members detained two more Jummas from the central Baghaichhari area of ​​the same union.


The arrested persons are- (1) Suryasen Chakma (32), father -Jatramohan Chakma, Baghaichhari under the village; (2) Suresh Chakma (36), father -Rajnikanth Chakma, Village-6; (3) Ant Chakma (36), father -Vijayakumar Chakma, village-6; (4) Liton Chakma, father -Anantlal Chakma, Village-6; (5) Sukesh Chakma Chitti (36), father -Pradeep Chakma, village-6; (6) Ashesh Chakma (35), father -Amalendu Chakma, Village-Central Baghaichhari; (7) Swapan Chakma (21), father -Bhagyadhan Chakma, Village-6.

Meanwhile, the sudden search, harassment and detention of 7 Jumma peoples by the BGB has caused deep concern and anger among the locals.

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