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The CHT most respectable person Mr. Ananta Bihari Khisa was passed away in his home

A.B. KHISA EDITORIAL The   Chittagong Hill Tracts most respectable & vanguard person Mr.  Ananta Bihari Khisa  passed away in his home o...



The  Chittagong Hill Tracts most respectable & vanguard person Mr. Ananta Bihari Khisa passed away in his home on Thursday 25 February,2021. At the time of death,he was 84.

Ananta Bihari Khisa was born on 1st November,1937 at Mohalchari Kularam Para. He completed his primary education (Child class,First class & Second class) in Khagrachari Kabang Poriya School and studied third to six class in Khagrachari Middle English School.

Then he passed seventh grade to tenth grade (Science group) at Rangamati Govt English High School. After that,he studied two years in Jagannath College, Dhaka. Then he admitted Sir Ashutosh College which situated Chattogram Qanungo Para. After passing BA from there,he completed his student life. (Source: Interview of Ananta Bihari Khisa)


In his student life, Ananta Bihari Khisa was involved in student politics. The Chittagong Hill Tracts Students Association was formed through student-guardian convention in Sreepur village at Chattogram Qanungo Para in 1965 with his leadership. He was elected President and Mrinal Kanti Chakma General Secretary.  Since then he has been involved in various progressive political activities.

Later he engaged himself in teacher occupation and contributes to the spread of education. He was joined as a Assistant Teacher of Khagrachari High School in 20 April,1960. He worked as a Assistant Teacher and Assistant Headmaster in that school until 1985.

He worked as a Headmaster in Kanaighat Govt High  School at Sylhet until 1985 to 1988. He was transferred from there and served as the Headmaster of Ramgarh Govt High School in Khagrachari from 1988 to 1995. He was retirement in 1st November,1995.

After his retirement in teacher, he was involved himself in various intellectual and social work.

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