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A hill woman attempted to rape by army member in Bandarban

                                                             photo : internet Bandarban Representative : A local hill woman (23) has been a...

                                                             photo : internet
Bandarban Representative :

A local hill woman (23) has been accused of attempted rape by an army member in Rajbila Union of Bandarban Sadar Upazila.

The incident took place at the woman's house in Tainkhali Bazar Para around 1:00 pm on Monday (January 18, 2021).

The victim has a two-year-old child. At the time of the incident her husband was not at home.

Locals staged a protest on Tuesday (January 19th,2020 ) morning . At that time, the local women surrounded the temorary army camp at Tainkhali govt. primary school.

According to local sources, The army of about 30 people has been marching at Tainkhali Bazar government primary school near Tainkhali bazar village for about a month and a half. A member of the army weared in white dress went to the woman's house around 1:00 pm the incident day. At that time, the army member found the woman alone in home and grabbed her and tried to rape her. As soon as the woman shouted, the villagers rushed to the spot. After seeing the situation, the army member quickly fled to the temporary camp.

In protest of the incident, peoples from five nearby villages, including Tainkhali Bazar Para, gathered at the spot this morning to protest against the attempted rape and demand heavy punishment for the human rights violation by the army member.

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