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1900's British Regulation is the only logical document of the CHT pepole`s struggle

photo: PUBLIC OPINION : The Jumma peoples had an princely state and it`s recognized by the British Regulation Act, 1900 .This...


The Jumma peoples had an princely state and it`s recognized by the British Regulation Act, 1900 .This princely state must be keep in mind. If international logical support is to seek the solution the CHT problem with the autonomy or independence of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, the only logical document is the "British Regulation Act of 1900 ". The charter handed over poltical power with autonomy to the people of the CHT by prohibiting infiltration and settlement of outsiders . It wouldn’t be wrong if we can take it like a independence state . Like Palestine, the issue of the Chittagong Hill Tracts is raised at the UN, this document will serve as a legal proof that do not have such kind of legal proof in many disturbance regions in the world. The UN was compelled to recognize Israel because the Jews have many historical arguments.

By this this document, there have no obstacle for the cht peoples to fight for self-government or independence. Before 1947 partition of the country, the people of the Chittagong Hill Tracts enjoyed self-government and were never dominated by the ruler of Bengal. So the people of the CHT should have a demand for self-government and the restoration of independence consciousness with ``1900's British Regulation ". This charter recognized the Chittagong Hill Tracts as an Excluded Area which the demand for autonomy is logical. The struggle of the future should be based on the spirit of the British Regulation of 1900. It will affect the generation emotionally that they had a country. On the other hand, the message will also reach to the international community about how an independent land was lost.

Today's Israel didn’t come into a being in a day. The Jews were evicted from their land and ever-after thousands of years nomadic life they did not forget Jerusalem. One generation did not forget to tell the next generation about their homeland. Thus, generation after generation, the Jews cherished their homeland in their herarhs for thousands of years. Finally, in 1948, after thousands of years of travelling around the world, they gained an independent state, Israel. That is why from now we have to fight with the spirit of princley state and let the generation know once they had an independent state

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Parish Chakma

Blogger & Activist

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