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Human chain programme held at Rangamati

                                                                             photo : internet  Rangamati Representative : A human chain prog...

Rangamati Representative:
A human chain programme was held by hilly pepole in Dobakaba-Navanga of Fatikchhari Union in Kaukhali Upazila of Rangamati.

Local peoples was organized a human chain program in the Dobakaba-Navanga area around 1pm on Wednesday ( December 23, 2020).

At this time, locals dislayed playcards with slogans such as "Do not deprive us of the enjoyment of our own land,"  "Do not disrupt our lives with army camps,"  "What will we eat if we are not allowed to take bamboo trees in the river? we want the answer of the army chief ",  " Why the barrier to the construction of the livelihood dam?  "We want an answer from the authorities",  "Army Camp = Destruction Of Our Land",   "Stop Eviction in the name of Army Camp". 

Surati Mala Chakma, a participant in the human chain told us,  “We have not been able to collect firewood since the army camp was set up.  I can't even go to the river. Having to fetch water from a distance. Army persons asks us all sorts of unwanted questions. They said that Rohingyas will also be brought to the area."

Earlier, on November 26, locals organized a protest in same area against the setting up of the army camp and on November 30, they staged a human chain in front of the Rangamati city deputy commissioner's office and demanded an end to the camp. 

Besides, they went to the construction site of the camp on November 24 and approached a captain of Kaukhali army camp and on December 21 through the Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO demanded to stop the work of setting up the camp with a memorandum to the army chief.

On November 25, the people's representatives of the area also handed over a memorandum to the army chief demanding the same.

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